CAD (computer-aided design) software has changed the world of engineering design for the better. Learn how its innovations have improved our industry.

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Digital technology has revolutionized the way we do just about everything, including and especially engineering. As a manufacturer’s support facility, the Eagle Engineering team uses some of the most advanced tools and techniques to help our clients successfully complete projects. We design machinery, new products, tools, and equipment for companies throughout the Midwest using CAD (computer-aided design) software. These programs allow us to create customized blueprints and 3D models with the click of a few buttons (and, of course, our extensive engineering expertise). We’re proud to make the most of innovations in our industry. In the following blog, we describe three ways CAD software improves design.

1. It allows Eagle Engineers to become more efficient.

CAD software combines the functions of rulers, paper, pens, pencils, calculators, specification sheets, and more into one simple, streamlined package. Our designers can instantly access all of the information they need to work on your project. In addition, if we need to correct an error or make a modification, we can simply tweak the design, rather than having to start over or struggle with erasing portions of a pencil-and-paper version.

2. CAD offers digital precision and power.

A computer can manipulate a multitude of digital variables at once, allowing us to create more accurate, detailed designs. With CAD, we can keep every facet and factor of your product in mind as we draft it. Our flexible, versatile software can adjust your design according to the materials you’d like to use, the weight it needs to be, ease of manufacturing, and serviceability. CAD’s computerized capabilities also make the complex mathematics of design simpler, since we can more easily analyze and adapt to your proposed product’s particular parameters.

3. With CAD software, we can give you a better idea of your design before we build it.

With traditional two-dimensional design, we were able to provide our clients with a rough approximation of their final products, but these on-paper models can be very difficult to interpret or imagine. CAD software generates vivid virtual 3D models of your design so you can see what it will look like and how it will function before we take it to the build stage. Of course, if you have any feedback regarding your product, we’ll tailor it to your exact specifications. In addition, since your prototype is a digital file, you can review it remotely, if you’d like, making the process much more convenient.

Our CAD Software

At Eagle Engineering, we use some of the most sophisticated software currently on the market. Our CAD programs include:

  • Pro Engineer (Pro E). Also known as PTC Creo Elements, this software provides both 2D and 3D functionality. It can incorporate and produce geometric information to produce beautiful prototypes. Pro E also can also highlight potential drawbacks of a design, optimize it, and provide important information for use in manufacturing.
  • With this software, the Eagle Engineers team can create models according to specific parameters, automatically alter them to suit specific “design intents” (the practical purposes of the product), and sketch features in two or three dimensions.
  • This software company has been providing CAD to the engineering community for more than three decades, but released the most recent version just a few months ago in March 2015. AutoCAD’s extensive capacities include rendering 3D prototypes, networking information across multiple devices so engineering teams can more easily collaborate, customization with other digital programs, and more.

When you come to Eagle Engineering, we can use one or more of these programs to create your product. Our design department is outfitted with the latest and greatest hardware and software to provide outstanding results.

Experience Twenty-First Century Design

If you want to enjoy the design benefits of CAD software for yourself, contact Eagle Engineering today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team. We look forward to working with you!


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