automated weld fixture

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A weld fixture is one of the most important tools used during the manufacturing of fabricated parts. Its purpose is to locate and secure each component of a welded part in order to repeatedly produce a quality product with maximum efficiency.

Increasing productivity, maximizing manufacturing floor space, improving quality control and creating flexibility are some of the more common reasons to consider the use of an automated weld fixture.

If you have multiple parts with common or similar features that can be ran in one fixture with changeover, automating the changeover process can significantly reduce the changeover time.

Automating the changeover process will help eliminate operator error. With preset programmable positioning the operator only has to select the part number to be ran and the fixture moves to the corresponding positions.

At times it is more practical to use manual changeover on the simple changeover features. The speed and accuracy of a manual changeover feature can also be enhanced by an automated weld fixture. With the use of the HMI (human machine interface) we can give the operator step by step directions on sequence of operation. Even though the changeover was a manual procedure an automated weld fixture; with the use of sensors; can detect and then confirm or alert the operator that he has properly executed the required changeover.

With the quick pace of market driven changes to products these days flexibility in the weld fixtures to adapt to these changes has become a necessity. With some intuitive consideration in the automated weld fixture’s design stage an automated weld fixture can incorporate extended positioning ranges to suit future product developments. It can at times be as simple as a program change in order to produce a new part in the same fixture.

In the today’s manufacturing world of fast paced product changes and new product development the use of automated weld fixtures has becoming a necessity in order to stay competitive.


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