• Automated Weld Fixture

    This is one of three final weld fixtures that were designed and built to run a total of 462 parts. This fixture has (5) “X” axis linear slides and (2) “X/Y” axis linear slides. These slides are all servo driven to allow for infinite positioning of the slides to suit the multiple parts. Each fixture is controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC and equipped with a HMI. Changeover is automatic, the operator selects from the part from the menu and the fixture moves to its corresponding position. This design allows for quick adaptation to part changes and the addition of future parts.  
  • Wire Insertion Machine

    Description coming soon.
  • Robotic Glue Application Cell

    This cell consist of an ABB multi-axis robot, a Graco glue dispensing system and two air vacuum holding fixtures. One fixture for the front windshield and one fixture for the rear windshield. The fixtures were designed into a shuttle system to allow for the load and unload of one windshield outside of the work cell while the other windshield is receiving the glue. This was a turnkey project with the design, build and integration being preformed completely in house by Eagle Engineering. Safety fence and light curtains were included but not setup for this photo.
  • Power Positioner for Semi Trailers

    This system is used in the construction of flatbed semi-trailers. The adjustability and versatility of its construction and controls allows it to be used in both the welding and assembly process for multiple size trailers. The locating and clamping of the trailer is hydraulically powered and is equipped with quick change over to suit the various trailer configurations. Three powered axis (horizontal, vertical and rotary) gives the operator the versatility required to accommodate the multiple unique sized trailers. The horizontal axis adjusts to suit trailer length. The vertical and rotary motion combines to accommodate the positioning required in the weld and assemble processes. This system is equipped with “Crash protection”. The rotary axis will not function if the trailer is too close to the ground. As the vertical axis moves up, the allowable angle of rotation increases.
  • Automated Bracket Positioning Weld Fixture

    This tool is a classic example of Flexible Automated Fixturing. This tool is used in the construction of Motor Homes. It replaced multiple large weld fixtures (up to 28 feet long) that located the home’s mounting brackets to the chassis frame. The operator uses an HMI to select a part number. The fixture then automatically positions (servo driven) the locating and clamping features of the tool to the first bracket location corresponding with the selected part number. When the welding of the first bracket is complete on each side of the frame, the operators (one on each side) push the weld complete button and the tool then repositions the locator to the next position. The cycle is repeated down the length of the frame until all brackets for that part have been welded. Replacing multiple manual fixtures with one automated fixture: - Reduces the overall tooling costs - Eliminates the storage and retrieval of multiple fixtures - Drastically reduces the floor space required for fixture storage - Eliminates the “hand clamp maze” that is often associated with multi part fixtures
  • Mobile Tire Manipulator

    This machine was developed to safely speed up the mounting process of large tires onto agricultural and construction equipment. We determined that a retrofit to an existing battery powered stock picker would be the most economically way to go. After upgrading the existing electrical and hydraulic systems we were able to tap into these system to power the new end effector. This machine has functions such as raise/lower, left/right side shift, front/back tilt and tire rotation.
  • Custom Material Handling Device

    Lifting and moving large parts from one orientation and placing them in another orientation was made safer and easier with our custom material handling device. This device is electric powered with remote controls.
  • Assembly Line Transfer Dolly

    It does not always have to be a high-tech or complicated project for Eagle Engineering to be of assistance. Simply but effective and efficient are these assembly line dollies. To minimize storage space when they are not in use it was determined that a two component design was needed. These dollies are fork truck able and towable.