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Eagle Engineering specializes in special machines and equipment. Utilizing technology and superior industry experience, Eagle Engineering can develop cost-effective solutions to your toughest manufacturing problems.

An Eagle Engineering product is a “turnkey system”. Our customer’s request is presented to our Automation team which is ultimately responsible for project concept, design, build, programming, and installation. The customer only has to turn the proverbial key at project completion. If turnkey is not what your project requires then Eagle can perform any requested phase of the project.

An Eagle Engineering product is developed with our “in-house expertise”. Synergistic collaboration is key. Project challenges can be handled in hours rather than days because all of the engineering resources are under one roof. Eagle Engineering’s technical staff of 8 have an average of 25 years of experience. This combined with a staff of 9 mechanical designers averaging 15 years of experience gives us a strong team to find solutions to your biggest challenges.

Along with the design and build of the mechanical components in a special machine is the all important power and control. This can consist of any combination of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components. Whatever the power and control system requirements, it is designed and built in house.

A control system of any complexity requires computerized control. Eagle’s technical staff has extensive experience with PLC, CNC and PC-based control systems. We are not partial to any particular manufacturer. Allen Bradley is typical, but we are very flexible.

Regarding PC-based, we specialize in control software written to suit the application. Off-the-shelf packages typical try to accommodate every application which at times can make them overly complex and restrictive for a project’s requirements. Writing software for the task at hand means simplicity and flexibility. PC-based data collection for the purpose of quality control is another example of our programming experience.

The scope of Eagle Engineering’s past projects is difficult to summarize in a few words. Please Click “Learn More About Our Projects” for a visual presentation.