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Welcome to our blog! Our company is here to help you by providing superior products, services and value. Our blog was created to keep readers informed about the latest technologies in manufacturing and how these technologies can be used by the consumer and as a support forum for our new site!

What We Do

At Eagle Engineering, we strive to be a premium multi-service manufacturer’s support facility. In fact, we are well known for our expertise in turnkey support and customer service. We are able to keep a high reputation in service due to our highly skilled engineering professionals. These engineering professionals are highly experienced in finding solutions to today’s manufacturing challenges in order to help you achieve your business outcome.

Here at Eagle Engineering, we can design and build your project complete. We do so with personnel and a facility that are both equipped with the latest technology in design hardware, software, and manufacturing equipment for which we are continually updating. Our highly experienced engineers, machine technicians, welders and machinists take pride in creating and delivering superior service and products.

Eagle Engineering’s Advantage

From concept to delivery, the creation of our products is executed completely in house. Estimating, engineering, design, build, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, programming, installation and support are all done with our great in-house team. This gives us an edge vs. our competitors as we can drive quality, delivery, and pricing in one easy place. We are also quick to show a customer that they are more than just an order to us. We have many long-term customers and are continually looking for more long-term relationships with all customers receiving work from us. We take pride in seeing return customers and enjoy seeing familiar faces coming back to Eagle Engineering.

Our vision at Eagle Engineering is to honor our past, while making necessary improvement in becoming a manufacturer’s premier support facility. We are a dynamic company continually striving to improve. We place extreme importance on the customers’ expectations, delivering superior products, services, and value. We also place the same importance to our employees at the company, which can be seen in our highly productive work and professionalism.

Providing the best service possible is what we do at Eagle Engineering through the adherence to our guiding principles of integrity, commitment, teamwork, pride, and innovation.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts. Feel free to comment or ask us any questions!



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