When off-the-shelf machinery and equipment simply won’t do the trick, Eagle Engineering can design customized solutions to meet manufacturers’ needs.

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As anyone in a highly technical field understands, you often can’t just waltz into a shop and buy a piece of advanced machinery like you would with regular office equipment. In some cases, you can buy the parts, tools, or software you need right off the shelf. However, specialized supplies require a bit more energy, effort, and engineering to produce. Of course, having the exact instruments you need to maintain and improve your daily operations is well worth the investment. At Eagle Engineering, we’re proud to provide a wide range of support services for manufacturers, including custom equipment and machines. We understand and exceed our clients’ distinctive demands. In the following blog, we’ll explain what to do if you can’t find the machine you need on the shelf.

Why Off-the-Shelf Might Not Work For You

Are you getting frustrated trying to fit your manufacturing plans into the restrictions of predefined off-the-shelf products? If you haven’t previously experienced the advantages of customized machinery, you might be selling your business short, limiting your capabilities with prefabricated “solutions.” There are a number of reasons why off-the-shelf might not work for your needs. Ready-made equipment:

  • Is often difficult to use from a software standpoint. In an attempt to satisfy all potential clients and industries, these machines actually help none. Eagle Engineering can design a system with an intuitive interface and the capability to handle every project you tackle.
  • Often requires modification or adjustment to work at all. If you’re constantly spending time, money, and effort to tweak off-the-shelf tools for your purposes, don’t you think it would make more sense to just go custom? Eagle Engineering offers turnkey machinery for manufacturers.
  • May not exist for your particular niche. If you can’t find the machinery you need to produce your merchandise, you might actually take this as a positive sign. You need equipment like no other to create extraordinary, high-quality products.
  • Could be more affordable. Most manufacturers assume that customized machinery must come at a higher cost. However, if you consider what you’re spending to fiddle with your off-the-shelf equipment and how much productivity you’re losing over non-optimal systems, custom machinery might actually be less expensive (and more effective) on the whole.

How We Can Help

If off-the-shelf isn’t right for your project or company, Eagle Engineering would be delighted to design custom equipment and machinery for you. Our nine mechanical designers average 15 years of experience each, while our eight technical staff average 25. Altogether, we bring over three centuries of experience and extensive expertise to the table. We also collaborate effectively, utilizing each team member’s unique skills to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Should you find yourself in need a custom solution, you can simply explain what you want and we’ll get right to work on it. We’ll handle every step of the process, from concept to design to build to programming to installation. Our top priority is developing the best possible equipment for your company, so we do not favor any specific manufacturers or control systems. Our technicians can design software for personal computer-based (PC) models, programmable logic controllers (PLC), or computer numerical control (CNC). Eagle Engineering is very versatile—we can use pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic components to devise tools for the agricultural, automotive, construction, consumer products, military, energy, recreation, and mining industries.

Once your project is complete and you’ve approved it, you can simply turn its key to begin using it right away. Of course, we can also create equipment for use at any stage of completion. We understand your time is valuable, so we strive to work as efficiently as possible. Our in-house system allows us to cooperate better and quickly solve any issues that arise. When you choose Eagle Engineering, you can feel confident that your machine will be finished swiftly and successfully.

Don’t Settle for Off-the-Shelf

Are off-the-shelf implements not cutting it for your manufacturing company? Personalized products could help you become more productive and profitable. Eagle Engineering has helped many manufacturers succeed with specialized solutions. To learn more about our services or schedule a consultation with one of our experts, contact Eagle Engineering today.

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